Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen 0.5mm

November 9, 2012 § 5 Comments

This review of the Platinum Preppy is proudly brought to you by the ever kind people over at Cult Pens.  This is a really cheap fountain pen costing only £3.25 but what makes this fountain pen really stand out is the fact that if you aren’t too keen on the Platinum ink cartridges, you can purchase a Platinum International Adapter for £1.50 that will allow the use of international standard size cartridges.  The Preppy, can also be purchased in an array of different coloured barrels and nibs.

As soon as I received the Platinum Preppy I plugged in the supplied ink cartridge which looks smart in the Preppy as it is made of clear plastic (both barrel and cap).  The plastic barrel does feel a tad bit light so I would be unsure of the long term durability.  I have been using this fountain pen on and off for a few weeks now and I have had quite a few issues with it in relation to ink.  It took some time for the Preppy to start writing once I clicked the cartridge in. When it did start to write, I noticed that the ink was flowing through the barrel and onto the actual nib of the pen.  I found this out as my fingers started to get covered in ink. There has also been a lot of dried ink starting to appear in the cap of the pen also.  I have been leaving the pen on its side so this could be contributing to the above issues.

I’m not to sure how I feel about the Preppy.  I understand it is a very cheap fountain pen to purchase but with the issues I have been having I wonder would it be better to try another alternative.  The Pilot VPen (V4) (£3.64 from Cult Pens).

If you have had a Preppy and what to share your views, please feel free to post in the comments field.  I would love to hear from you.


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§ 5 Responses to Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen 0.5mm

  • Greg Smith says:

    I was never a fountain pen user for regular writing & note taking. I use them primarily for illustrating (I use a Rotring Art Pen with Noodler’s American Eel a lot of the time). I picked up a PP from jetpens after having read a review on The Pen Addict, just to give it a try. I now use the PP (daily) with a Rhodia Webbie. I can’t answer to how it works on other kinds of paper. I think the way fountain pens can tend to bleed on thinner paper would really bug me, but with the Clairefontaine paper, it’s just perfect.

    I find the quality & writing experience to be amazing for the price. I considered getting the Adapter, to load it with American Eel (a great waterproof ink for fountain pens, great for adding washes with no bleed, etc.), but the PP cartridges are a much cleaner, richer black than the American Eel, believe it or not. This still annoys me, honestly, considering the amount of praise the Noodler’s inks get.

    The PP cartridge ink is not waterproof, but I don’t need that for my daily note taking. After a couple weeks with the PP, I bought a few more pens for backup, and a pile of cartridges. I really love it. I’d never pay more for an expensive fountain pen, as long as this one is still available. I consider it an amazing price for a really great pen.

    • Greg Smith says:

      Sorry, I meant to address the leaking issues you mentioned. While I don’t discount your troubles at all (I know use-cases vary all the time with pens like this), I can say that I’ve never had a leaking issue at all. I used one every day for about 6 months, with no problems. I just started my second pen about a week ago (the first one got damaged, my fault, nothing to do with the pen itself, so I replaced it with another), and no problems so far.

  • Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the very detailed reply. I have read a lot of reviews about the PP and in general everyone seemed to have had a good experience. I have been debating wether I should give the PP a good clean out and give it another go to see if what happen to me was just a one off.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience with a PP.

  • stan kramer says:

    I have 2 PPs and they are decent workman’s pens. The nib creap is common but doesn’t interfere with writing for me. The issue I have with them is that the 03 nibs tend to write dry and I prefer wetter, smoother writing…but for the price, I can’t really complain.

  • Carrie says:

    I, too, have been having problems with my Preppy. The pen has a hard time writing when I first put it to paper and so a lot of my words has sections of it missing. It’s really getting on my nerves and I don’t know what I am doing wrong (this is my first fountain pen). The ink has also gone into the ribbed section of the pen which I don’t think is supposed to happen. I have the 03 nib as well.

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