Uni-Ball Signo DX 0.28mm in Black

August 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

This was a pen that had been recommended to me by the Pen Addict aka Mr Brad Dowdy.  My requirements were for a gel pen that produced a consistent thin writing experience.  Fast forward via a $2.50 purchase from JetPens and I now have had a Signo DX in my possession for nearly three months.

The body itself is nothing startling.  The standard plastic barrel with a rubber grip area.  This grip area is good for keeping a firm grip on the pen whilst writing.  The pen is also nice, light and durable enough to cope with everyday life. One subtle difference in the Signo DX is that the tip of the pen and, I suppose what you would call the head of the pen, are both made from a metal.  This makes the Signo DX look like a higher quality pen within the range it is competing with.  I have this in the black ink version but they do sell this pen in a wide range of colours which can be purchased from JetPens if you are in the US and CultPens if you are in the UK.

The one potential problem I thought I might come up against is that at 0.28mm the pen nip is very thin and I thought this could have caused a scratching effect whilst using the Signo DX. This wasn’t the case at all.  It runs smoothly over the page.  The ink flow is very consistent and during all this use, the ink flow hasn’t stopped once.  The quality of the line width is nice and thin which I love.

For me there are two requirements for the daily pens I use.  They must be light and produce a quality thin line and the Signo DX ticks both of those boxes for me.  I plan to buy more of these in the future and I would recommend that you give this pen a try.


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