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Pilot Hi-Tech-C Coleto Lumio

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Pilot Hi-Tech-C Coleto Lumio

This wonderful multi pen will roughly set you back  £15.98 and comes in a wide range of barrel colours. The one I received for this review is black. One thing to bear in mind is that you don’t receive any refills for the Lumio, these have to be purchased separately. They come in a 0.4mm or 0.5mm option, cost £1.90 each and come in at least 10 different colours. I am using the 0.4mm refills.

I have been using the Lumio for nearly a month now and I have loved every minute of it. What has impressed me the most is the quality and consistency of the ink flow. I have been using the Lumio mainly for highlighting or making notes during logo and type proofing and its been a real asset. The Lumio, even with all four refill slots used, is still very light in weight which is great for extended periods of use.  The barrel still grips very well and I didn’t find my hand losing grip at any point.

Even though this is a tad expensive I still love the Lumio and would happily recommend it.

* This is the final review for my sponsored month with Cult Pens

Pilot V7 Hi-Tec Point 0.7mm Cartridge System

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Pilot V7 Hi-Tec Point 0.7mm

This pen can be purchased from Cult Pens for £3.05 and is available in Black, Red, Blue and Green.  The Nib is a 0.7mm that actually lays down a 0.5mm Line. One interesting feature is that the barrel is made from 71% recycled plastic.

The Pilot V7 uses a cartridge system which makes it a cost effective pen to use.  The cartridges come in packs of three and cost £2.59.  The pen feels very light and durable and lays down a great and consistent line.  One aspect of this that impressed me the most is the drying time, it only took a few seconds to dry.  While writing the nib hasn’t felt scratchy at any point and in fact feels very smooth whilst writing. I have found the line width to be a tad on the thick side but I really like a thin line so I can’t hold this against the Pilot V7.

Over at Cult Pens Blog there is a very interesting post where they attempt to use different converters with the Pilot V7 to see if you can use bottled ink with it.  I really would recommend you head on over and give it a read.

This is a good pen that I think is cost effective to own but doesn’t let you down in quality.

OHTO Fude Ball 1.5 (Black)

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OHTO Fude Ball

This huge pen can be bought from Cult Pens for £2.48. It is only available in black.

The OHTO Fude uses a 1.5mm rollerball tip that not only lays down a wide line but also a lot of ink. You are actually advised to clean the tip of the OHTO Fude before every use and I found this to be good advice. If you don’t, ink starts to build up around the nib. The ink itself is a Jet-Black Pigment ink which is both water proof and fade proof. I haven’t tested either of these two statements but if you have, please let me know how it went. I did find the drying time for the ink to be pretty long. This could be simply down to the fact the OHTO Fude lays down that much ink.

My writing style is pretty small and I found I had to adjust this a lot (upscale my writing size) to accommodate the OHTO Fude. If I tried to write normally I found my words badly smudged. The nib/ink combo does make the writing experience very smooth with a consistent flow.

I think the OHTO Fude will appeal to a niche market. Personally I find the line width to be way to thick for me.

Pentel Slicci Gel Roller BG207 (Black)

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Pentel Slicci

This wonderful, slim, compact gel pen cost me £1.62 from Cult Pens and comes in the following colours; Black, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Violet, Pink and Sky Blue. I am using the 0.7mm tip model but there is also an Ultra-Fine 0.3mm model. I will have to get my hands on that one soon.

The barrel design is what now seems to be the standard clear plastic with a rough grip area to hold the pen whilst writing. With the cap posted, the pen doesn’t feel top heavy but nicely balanced. To be honest it feels balanced with no cap posted either. The Pentel Slicci is made from plastic and feels light and durable. It is classed as a Pentel Recycology Pen which basically means it is made from 87% recycled materials by weight.

Since I have received the Pentel Slicci, there has been two things that have really impressed me. The first thing is the consistency of not only the ink flow but also the dept of the colour.  The line never breaks while retaining a wonderful dark black colour.  Secondly is the actual build quality of the nib.  There is no flex with the nib but not once did it ever feel scratchy on paper. It writes very smoothly.

One interesting point is that Pentel claims it uses a quick drying ink but I found this not always to be the case.  I had to leave it roughly 10+ seconds before the ink dried enough that it would not smudge if rubbed.

I have been really impressed with the Pentel Slicci as I really didn’t know what to expect. Now I really want to try the Ultra-fine 03 model!

Good news Everyone!

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Cult Pens

I think I should class it as exciting news…..

The wonderful people over at Cult Pens have agreed to sponsor my site again! (How lucky am I?).  Look at what wonderful items to review turned up this morning.

All the above pens will be reviewed during the month of March.  This will give me enough time to test out each pen.

Burgundy Parker 51 – Medium Nib

February 4, 2013 § 5 Comments

Parker 51

I think I have officially fallen down the rabbit hole and entered the world of Fountain Pens. As I have been learning more about this scary world I kept coming across the following name “Parker 51”. After a quick google search, so begun my obsession with purchasing one.

Many months of failed eBay bids and not finding one that caught my eye I stumbled across a Burgundy/Silver Parker 51, £32 now poorer I have had this stunning looking pen for a few weeks now.  During this time I have found things I really like and something’s that I haven’t.

Lets start off with what I have enjoyed. For me it is all about the design, it’s a stunning looking pen. The burgundy barrel colour works really well with the silver cap.  The pen feels light while at the same time feeling strong and durable. The area where you grip the pen curves over the nib so you only see the tip of the nib, this adds to the wonderful design of the Parker 51. The nib itself writes very smoothly and with very little feedback. The Parker 51 doesn’t take cartridges, it uses what is called a “Sac” system. This means there is a section of metal that looks like a cartridge but in the middle of this there is a plastic area covered with a thin metal strip. You dip the nib into the ink and then press the metal/plastic in four times. This causes this plastic area to fill up with ink.  I filled my Parker 51 with Diamine Sapphire Blue.

A few things I haven’t enjoyed are that when writing I find the line to be pretty thick and lays down wet.  There definitely is a longer drying time that other fountain pens I own. When I post the cap I find the Parker 51 feels top heavy, it doesn’t feel balanced. I find I don’t post the cap as it makes for a more enjoyable writing experience.

Overall, my first vintage fountain pen purchase has been a really enjoyable and beneficial experience. So begins a long and steep road to bankruptcy……